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We ask all Accountable Press Publishers to abide by the following principles:

  • Strive to publish honest, accurate, reporting.
  • Be responsible and accountable for what you publish.
  • Maintain accurate physical and online contact information on your site and Accountable Press Public Profile.
  • Stand together against plagiarism and copyright infringement.

Publishers who do not maintain accurate physical and online contact information, or who plagiarize and/or flagrantly infringe on the copyrights of others, may be decertified without recourse or reimbursement.

Registering your site is $249/USD per year.

Special Phase 2 Pricing

Accountable Press is new and growing!

We have gone through beta and now we are into Phase 2 - GROWTH!

As a special promotion during Phase 2, membership fees are half off for life.

Sign up now and you will receive a 50% discount immediately and forever. The cost will only be $124/year for as long as your publication remains Certified.

You are welcome to register more than one site for Certification. Each site will need to be registered separately, as there is not a way to have multiple sites listed under one account at this time.

Phase 2 will only be available for a limited time. When Phase 2 is closed, the price for new members will be $249 per year. If you are interested in Certifying your site, please do not delay. Save $125 every year by signing up now.

After pressing "Register", you will be taken to PayPal to complete the registration. We look forward to meeting you!

Note: We will email you approximately two weeks before the annual subscription renews. Please be sure to whitelist email from so you receive the notice. Annual subscriptions may be canceled at any time. In the event of a canceled subscription, your site will remain registered and Certified until the current subscription period has ended, as long as it remains otherwise in good standing.