Accountable Press: Phase 2!

Accountable Press: Phase 2!

Build your site’s trust, authority, and credibility by becoming a Certified Accountable Press Publisher today!

What is Accountable Press?

Accountable Press certifies that news publishers: 1) are who they say they are, 2) have a basic level of journalism knowledge, and 3) have pledged to be responsible publishers.

As a Certified Publisher, you are telling your readers, search engines, and news aggregators that you have:

  • A verified physical address
  • Successfully completed our course on original reporting, attribution, accountability, and responsible journalism
  • Pledged to be responsible and accountable for what you publish, maintain accurate physical and online contact information, strive to publish honest, accurate, reporting, and to stand against plagiarism and copyright infringement.

You’ll be able to display the Certified Accountable Press Seal on your site (optional) and you’ll have a public profile page on Accountable Press.

Your profile page will include your site’s description, important links, your social media pages, and business profiles. You can document your business and media licenses (if any), journalism memberships, and any accreditations or awards that you have earned.

Here’s an example profile page.

Your profile page will include profile schema in the html source code that identifies your site as a NewsMediaOrganization to search engines. The schema will also included your verified address, site description, and other information you provide about your site.

All of that is good for your site right now. Great really. But we plan for it to be more meaningful over time.

As we grow, we will actively lobby on behalf of our Certified Publishers for search engines and news aggregators to address many of the things that are important to news publishers – such as content theft.

Being Certified lets your readers, search engines, and news aggregators know that your site is – MUCH – more trustworthy than these anonymous fly-by-night outfits with fake addresses that steal content and reap the credit and ad income that you deserve.

Requirements to become Certified:

1) You will need to have a working, physical, address. It will need to be posted on your contact page, on your Accountable Press profile, and it will need to be maintained and working year-round.

2) You will need to complete the Accountable Press course on original reporting, attribution, original reporting, and responsible journalism. The course is very straightforward, just covers the basics, and only takes about a half hour.

3) You will need to pledge to:

  • Be responsible and accountable for what you publish
  • Maintain accurate physical and online contact information
  • Strive to publish honest, accurate, reporting, and
  • To stand against plagiarism and copyright infringement

Special Phase 2 Pricing

Accountable Press is new and growing!

As a special promotion during Phase 2, our growth period, membership fees are half off for life.

Sign up now, and you will receive a 50% discount immediately and forever. The cost will only be $124/year for as long as your publication remains Certified.

Phase 2 will only be available for a limited time. When Phase 2 is closed, the price for new members will be $249 per year. If you are interested in Certifying your site, please do not delay. Save 50% every year by registering your site now.

Register your site today.

From Our Publisher FAQs

Do Certified sites automatically appear on Google News, Bing News, Apple News, Yahoo News, Facebook News, etc?

No. We encourage consumers, search engines and news aggregators to use Accountable Press Certification as a strong signal of a site’s quality and accountability. However, we are a brand new service and still in our growth stage. As we grow, our goal is to work with news aggregators and journalism support organizations to expand our reach and influence. But first we must grow- and that is where you come in!

I publish from home and don’t want to make my address public, can my site still be Certified?

You will need a working, physical, contact address to be Certified. If you are working from an address that you do not want to be shared with the public, you might consider renting a PO box, using a virtual office, or asking your attorney, accountant, or other service professionals might you use, if they offer an address service. You will need to maintain a physical address where you can legally receive mail to remain Certified.

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