What does Accountable Press do?

Accountable Press:

  • Verifies that Certified Accountable Press Publishers have a working physical address and contact information on their site and Accountable Press profile, thereby assuring they are who they say they are and can be legally contacted if needed.
  • Allows Certified Accountable Press publishers to document, on their Accountable Press profile, their media and business licenses, social media, business profiles, accreditations, and awards that they have earned.
  • Provides Certified Accountable Press publishers with initial and ongoing education about original reporting, accountability, proper attribution, and responsible journalism.
  • Lobbies news consumers, search engines, and news aggregators to consider Certified Accountable Press Publishers as more professional, trusted, and accountable, than anonymous news sites with no or fake address information.

How do I know if a news publisher is Certified?

We strongly encourage Certified Accountable Press Publishers to display the Certified Accountable Press Seal on their site’s footer or sidebar. By clicking on the Seal, you can view the publisher’s current profile and certification status on Accountable.Press.

Should Certified Accountable Press Publishers automatically be trusted as reliable news sources?

Accountable Press does not guarantee that everything a Certified Accountable Press Publisher publishes is true and accurate. News consumers should still do their own research and make their own judgement as to the truthfulness of what they read. Accountable Press does not evaluate the quality of a publication’s news content.

Accountable Press encourages responsible journalism through accountability. We make sure publishers can be held accountable for what they publish by verifying that they have a working, legal, contact address. A publisher that can be held accountable for what they publish is far more trustworthy than an anonymous publisher with no or fake contact information.

What if I have a problem with a Certified Accountable Press Publisher?

Please discuss any issues you have directly with the publisher. Their verified physical and online contact information is available on their site and in their Accountable Press profile.

If you find that their physical contact address is inaccurate or no longer available, please contact Accountable Press with all the details and we will work on resolving that issue with the publisher.

If your complaint involves copyright infringement, please address it directly with the publisher and let us know what steps you have taken if it is not satisfactorily resolved. Certified Accountable Press Publishers may be decertified if they are 1) not maintaining a working, physical, address, or 2) blatantly infringing on another publisher’s copyrighted content.

Have a question not answered here?

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