Surfing For News In Dangerous Waters

As a savvy news consumer, you already know there’s a problem with fake news online.

But the problem goes deeper than that. There are whole fake news sites who lie about who they are. They have fake names, fake authors, and fake addresses.

They use ‘spinner software’ or pay ‘rewriters’ $2 or $3 per article to rewrite news from legitimate news organizations. They often get important facts and information wrong because they have no background or knowledge on the topic they are writing about.

They often break copyright laws. They trick you into clicking on ads. Sometimes they even inject malware or mislead you into downloading viruses.

Look for the Accountable Press Seal

The Accountable Press Seal is a symbol of accountability and trustworthiness.

Sites displaying the Certified Accountable Press Seal Have:

  • Verified their physical address and contact information through Accountable Press.
  • Documented their media and business licenses (if applicable).
  • Documented any accreditations and awards they have earned.
  • Passed the Accountable Press course on original reporting, accountability, proper attribution, and responsible journalism.

In addition to the above, every Certified Accountable Press Publisher has agreed to the following principles:

  • Strive to publish honest, accurate, reporting.
  • Be responsible and accountable for what they publish.
  • Maintain accurate physical and online contact information.
  • Stand together against plagiarism and copyright infringement.

Look for the Accountable Press Seal as a symbol of accountability and trustworthiness on news sites everywhere. The seal can be clicked on for additional information about the site and to confirm certification.